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wholesale Tyson Iron Mike 15000 Hits Disposable | Pack Of 5

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Increase your training efficiency with our wholesale Tyson Iron Mike 15000 Hits Disposable Pack of 5. Featuring 15000 powerful hits, this pack of disposable gloves allows you to push your limits and improve your skills without worrying about wear and tear. Train like a pro with ease and convenience.

Product Specifications:

- Puff Capacity: 15,000
- LED Screen Included
- Battery Capacity: 600mAh
- Utilizes FYRE Mesh Coil Technology
- Nicotine Salt Concentration: 5%
- E-Liquid Capacity: 14ml
- Adjustable Airflow for Customized Vaping Experience
- USB-C Charging Port for Convenient Recharging

Here are 20 enticing flavors to indulge your taste buds:

  1. Apple Mango Pear: Experience the delightful fusion of apple, mango, and pear.
  2. Apple Punch: Savor the crisp and invigorating flavor of apple punch.
  3. Blue Razz: Enjoy the sweet and tangy delight of blue raspberry.
  4. Cool Mint: Refresh yourself with a burst of cool minty goodness.
  5. Frozen Banana: Chill out with the tantalizing blend of frozen banana.
  6. Frozen Blueberry: Dive into the icy freshness of frozen blueberry.
  7. Frozen Grape: Indulge in the sensation of frozen grapes for a cool vaping experience.
  8. Frozen Mango: Transport yourself to tropical bliss with the frozen mango flavor.
  9. Frozen Peach: Delight in the frosty goodness of peach for a refreshing twist.
  10. Fuji Apple: Enjoy the crisp and sweet essence of Fuji apple.
  11. Grape Razz: Experience the delightful fusion of grape and raspberry.
  12. Lush Lime: Get a burst of lime freshness for a zesty kick.
  13. Melonberry: Dive into the fruity delight of melon and berry fusion.
  14. Melonhead: Satisfy your cravings with the melon-infused flavor profile.
  15. Peach Watermelon: Experience the harmonious blend of peach and watermelon.
  16. Toro Rosso: Indulge in an enticing blend for a truly satisfying vape.
  17. Watermelon: Enjoy pure watermelon goodness in every puff.
  18. Watermelon Bubble Gum: Relish the nostalgic blend of watermelon and bubble gum.
  19. Watermelon Gummies: Treat yourself to the sweetness of watermelon gummies.
  20. White Gummy Bear: Delight in the classic flavor of white gummy bear for a sweet treat.