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Wholesale LOST THC 7 Gram Disposable | Pack of 5

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Big Boss is Wholesale Distributor Of 7-Gram Disposable LOST THC

With our Wholesale LOST THC 7 Gram Disposable pack, you can experience the ultimate in vape technology. This product, made for the discriminating enthusiast, is a must-have addition to your inventory since it blends unmatched quality with simplicity.

LOST THC: What is it?

In the world of disposable vapes, LOST THC is more than simply a name—it's a symbol of quality. LOST THC stands apart in a competitive market thanks to its strong and tasty experiences, which are crafted with precision using premium components.

What Differentials There Are Among Disposable Vape Brands?

LOST THC goes above and beyond the basic vaping experience provided by many other disposable vape manufacturers. Every 7-gram disposable is designed to deliver a remarkable flavor profile together with smooth, steady doses. Because of its unparalleled power, every puff provides a fulfilling and useful dosage.

The Benefits of a Five-Pack

When you can have five, why settle for just one? For merchants as well as customers, our five-piece set provides unmatched ease. This bulk choice guarantees you won't run out very soon, whether you're filling up for yourself or your store. It's also ideal for people who prefer to carry a range of strains with them.

Each strain's potency and flavor profile

Every disposable in the LOST THC 7 Gram pack is designed to accentuate the special qualities of its particular strain. Anticipate intense flavors that cling to your palate and power that surpasses your expectations. Every hit offers a remarkable sensory experience, with nuances ranging from sweet and fruity to earthy and woodsy.

The Advantages of LOST THC Purchasing in Bulk

There has never been a better time to buy in quantity. In addition to receiving a competitive price per unit, you also guarantee a consistent supply for your clients or personal stockpile. Purchasing wholesale allows you to spend wisely in consistency and quality without going over budget.

  • Lost THC THCa | D9 | D6 | THCP Disposable 7g
  • Second high-potency disposable line from Lost
  • Follows the success of the fan-favorite 6g Live Resin THCa | D8 | THCP Disposable
  • Started the larger-size disposable trend in the hemp-derived world
  • Also released high-potency THCa pre-roll option for flower connoisseurs
  • Blend and hardware slightly altered for increased size, maintaining potency and flavor
  • Carefully curated for users seeking highly potent blend with diverse effects
  • Unique formulation combines fast-acting and slow-acting cannabinoids for stimulating and relaxing properties
  • Provides hard-hitting and long-lasting effects with a well-balanced blend

In summary

Look no farther than LOST THC's 7 Gram Disposables if you're looking for delectable, strong, and premium disposable vaporizers. They're currently offered in handy packs of five at discounted pricing. With LOST THC, you can enjoy the best in the business and improve your vaping experience.

Don't pass up this chance to stock up on a product that ensures excellence and happiness. Get your 7-gram disposable pack of wholesale LOST THC now to see the difference.


Pineapple Punch,
Purple Urkle,
Sour Og,
Crunch Berries,
Alien Og,
Strawberry Diesel,
Watermelon Gelato,
Skywalker Og,
Blueberry Yum Yum