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Wholesale Equator EQ30000 Puffs Disposable Vape | Pack Of 5

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Big Boss is Wholesaler Distributor Of Equator EQ30000 Disposable Vape Pen

Presenting the Equator EQ30000, a cutting-edge disposable vaporizer that completely redefines performance and ease of use. With its remarkable 30,000 puffs per unit, the Equator EQ30000 is a high-capacity, hassle-free solution for vapers looking for something special. Regardless of your level of experience vaping, this product is designed to effortlessly suit your needs.

Equator Disposable Vape Features:

High Puff Capacity: The Equator EQ30000 guarantees a prolonged vaping experience, lowering the frequency of replacements, with a startling 30,000 puffs per unit.

Pre-filled E-liquid: To accommodate your tastes, each unit is pre-filled with premium-quality e-liquid that comes in a variety of flavors.

Sleek Design: The Equator EQ30000 is a fashionable, portable device that doesn't sacrifice appearance.

Friendly to Users: No confusing settings or buttons—just inhale to turn it on.

Extended Battery Life: Featuring a robust battery that can maintain the high puff count, this device makes sure you savor every last drop of e-liquid.

Leak-proof Technology: Sophisticated design stops leaks, preserving the e-liquid's quality and guaranteeing a hygienic vaping experience.

Advantages of Equator Disposable Vape Disposable Vaping

Convenience: Portable vaporizers, such as the Equator EQ30000, are ideal for use while traveling. You may just enjoy your vape and throw away the e-liquid container after use, without worrying about carrying extra batteries.

Low Maintenance: You don't need to change coils or clean tanks. Because they need no upkeep, disposable vapes are perfect for people with hectic schedules.

Economical: The Equator EQ30000 is a good value for the money device with a high puff count. Compared to conventional vapes, one unit can last a lot longer, saving you money and effort.

Accessibility: Disposable vapes' simplicity makes them ideal for both novice and seasoned users, ensuring a fun and accessible experience for everybody.

The Equator EQ30000 Puffs Disposable Vape: How to Use and Maintain It

The Equator EQ30000 is quite simple to use:

Unpack: Take the vaporizer out of its container.

Activate: To turn on the device, just take a breath through the mouthpiece.

Have fun: Make the most of the 30,000 puff capacity while indulging in the tasty and smooth vapor.

When the vaporizer is empty, dispose of it properly and in accordance with local laws. The Equator EQ30000 in Comparison to Other Disposable Vapes

Thanks to its exceptional puff volume and dependable performance, the Equator EQ30000 distinguishes out in the competitive disposable vape market. Many disposable vapes have a 300–2000 puff capacity, however the Equator EQ30000 has 30,000 puffs, which offers unparalleled longevity. Considering its elegant appearance and excellent selection of e-liquid, it is easy to see why the Equator EQ30000 is a top pick for picky vapers.


  • Equator EQ30000
    • Puffs: 30,000
    • Nicotine Salt: 5%
    • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
    • E-liquid Capacity: 30ML
    • 10ML Per Tank
    • Triple Tanks
    • Triple Mesh Coil
    • Animated Screen
    • Type-C Port


  • 5 x Equator EQ30000 Puffs 30ML Disposable Device with Triple Tanks & Animated Screen

In summary

The Equator EQ30000 Puffs Disposable Vape is more than simply a vaping gadget; it's a dedication to enjoyment, quality, and convenience. It stands out in the disposable vape industry thanks to its remarkable puff count, simplicity of use, and low maintenance requirements. The Equator EQ30000 is the perfect partner if you want to simplify your vaping habit or want a budget-friendly option.

To take your vaping experience to the next level, think about acquiring the Wholesale Equator EQ30000 Puffs Disposable Vape for your collection right now.

Equator EQ30000 Flavor:

Blue Cloud,
Blue Razz,
Blueberry Watermelon,
Cherry Lemon,
Cool Mint,
Dragon Fruit Lemonade,
Georgian Peach,
Miami Mint,
Mix Berries,
Strawberry Chew,
Strawberry Kiwi,
Strawberry Mango,
Strawberry Watermelon,
Tropical Fusion,
Watermelon Freeze

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