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Wholesale V Play 20k puffs Disposable Vape | Pack Of 5

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Big Boss is Wholesale Distributor Of V Play 20k Puffs Disposable Vape In USA

Discover a world of unmatched vaping convenience with the Disposable Vape, Wholesale V Play 20k Puffs. This cutting-edge gadget, intended for both individual enthusiasts and wholesale organizations, offers an amazing and long-lasting vaping experience.

What Distinguishes the V Play from Other Disposable E-cigarettes?

The V Play is a revolutionary device, not just another disposable vaporizer. It is distinguished by its remarkable number of puffs and sturdy construction, providing a high-end vaping experience that is both useful and pleasurable. This is what distinguishes it:

High Puff Count: The V Play can produce up to 20,000 puffs, so you can enjoy long vaping sessions without having to change it too often.

Friendly to Users: No more trouble charging or restocking. Unpack, vape, and discard when finished.

Compact and Transportable: The V Play is lightweight and stylish, making it simple to tote around wherever you go, even with its large capacity.

Life of the Battery and Puff Capacity: The Wholesale V Play's durable battery is one of its best qualities. The battery life is long enough to last through all 20,000 puffs, carefully designed to keep up with your vaping needs and guarantee a steady and dependable performance from beginning to end. The V Play's battery will last you the whole time, regardless of how often you vape.

Available Tastes and Potencies of Nic: Vaping is about more than simply the pleasure; flavor is important as well. To accommodate a range of tastes, the Wholesale V Play is available in a number of flavors. There is something for everyone, from traditional tobacco to fruity treats. It also comes in a variety of nicotine levels, so consumers can select the one that best meets their requirements. The V Play offers both potent and less potent options, depending on your preferences.

Is the Wholesale V Play a Suitable Choice for Companies?

Indeed. For any store portfolio, the Wholesale V Play 20k Puffs Disposable Vape is a great addition. This is the reason why:

High Demand: The V Play is certain to draw in a diverse clientele thanks to its exceptional features and robust performance.

Profit margins: A high puff count indicates better value for the money, which promotes recurring purchases and raises total sales.

Brand Reputation: In the vaping world, providing a high-end product such as the V Play can help build your brand's reputation for excellence and innovation.

Product Specification:

  • Craft box V-Play 20K Disposable Vape
  • 25ml of 5% nicotine vape
  • Adjustable airflow and child-lock safety feature
  • Built-in Vape entertainment system with three retro video games
  • 1.77 inch full-color HD display
  • Dual mesh coil for enhanced flavor
  • 850mAh battery for long-lasting use
  • Includes fighter jet, Pac-Man-like, and Tetris-type games

In summary

Convenience, diversity, and durability characterize the Wholesale V Play 20k Puffs Disposable Vape, which makes it a fantastic choice for both personal usage and as a product that wholesale companies may provide to their clients. Vapers may expect a whole new experience with the V Play because to its amazing features and user-friendly design. With the V Play, you can improve your vaping experience or expand your business offerings right now!

Flavor :

Blueberry Grapefruit,
Bluerazz Bash,
Cherry Pop,
Grape Escape,
Merry Berry,
Minty Thrill,
Pineapple Punch,
Strawberry Blowpop,
Strawberry Fun-ta,
Watermelon Breeze,
Watermelon Sour Berry,

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