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Futurola X Tyson Ranch Terpene Infused Blunt Wraps

$4999 $6699
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Mike Tyson and Tyson Ranch have teamed up with the Amsterdam-based rolling company Futurola to launch a new line of premium rolling equipment: The Toad King Size Blunt Wrap, a natural terpene-infused blunt wrap, inspired by the champ himself, that only uses legal plant terpenes.

  • 25 packs of blunt wraps.
  • Tobacco-free blunt wrap
  • Natural and legal terpene-infused wrap
  • Zero additives
  • Tyson Ranch X Futurola collaboration
  • Slower, more even burn
  • Comes in a decorative air-tight pack

The Toad Blunt Wraps have a slow burn design that helps to reduce waste of your precious herbs and offers a much more enjoyable, long-lasting smoking experience than regular rolling papers. The blunt wraps are manufactured with zero additives and are compatible with the Tyson Ranch X Futurola Cone Rolling Machine.