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V Syndicate – Hybrid Metal Rolling Tray – Assorted Design – BBWSUPPLY- DISTRIBUTOR & WHOLESALER OF ROLLING TRAYS IN THE USA

Simply put, it is a rolling tray and dab tray all in one. Our hybrid rolling trays were crafted with the modern smoker in mind. We know that the products available to consumers have exponentially grown in recent years, and we want to make sure that the smoking accessories market offers just as much versatility. Perfect for the stoner who spends more time in the concentrates section of their local dispensary, our hybrid trays are a metal rolling tray and dab mat all in one.

These trays are the best rolling trays to use when dealing with both flower and concentrates because they come fully equipped with a food-grade silicone dab mat so you can easily and safely handle even the stickiest of resin. This non-stick mat can easily be removed from the tray so that you can use it for dry herb as well, giving you the best of both worlds.

Why should I use a hybrid rolling tray? If you want the supreme rolling tray to handle all of your herb and oil, then our hybrid trays are for you. You might be asking yourself what is a dab mat even for, and we are here to break down all of the benefits for you:

  • Non-stick:?Our hybrid dab trays all come equipped with a?non-stick dab mat?so that none of your herb gets lost to the clutches of your countertops. Plus, it makes handling, separating, and measuring your wax much easier when the resin isn?t constantly sticking to whatever surface you place it on.
  • Protects your surfaces:?Keep your tables clean and your concentrates where you want them (in your lungs). By using a?dab mat?your tabletops are no longer condemned to a life of constant scrubbing and sticky residue. You can even remove the silicone pad from your tray and place it under your?dab?rig, so that it catches any excess product dripping from the nail.
  • Easy to clean:?if you were wondering?how to clean your dab mat, some simple soap and water will do the trick! No soaking or hard labor required. Simply wet a towel or washcloth and wipe down using your favorite cleanser.

Special Features

  • Multiple sizes:?Just like our metal trays, our hybrid rolling trays come in multiple sizing options, so whether you?re looking for a?small rolling + dab tray?or a?large rolling + dab tray, we?ve got one that is sure to be the right size for you.
  • Same designs:?The same?cool rolling tray designs?that you know and love, now on our hybrid trays!
  • Durable and portable:?Our hybrid trays are made from the same durable metal as our original trays, and with a removable silicone sleeve, this product is just the?portable rolling tray?you have been looking for.
  • Buy in bulk:?If you are looking for wholesale rolling trays, our sales representatives would be happy to take an order for you. Simply fill out an order form?here. We even offer?custom rolling trays?for our wholesale customers.
  • Affordable:?Why pay for two different trays when you can buy a single product that serves multiple purposes! Buying a?cheap rolling tray?doesn?t mean you should miss out on function.

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