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URB Delta 8 Flower | CBG ( 5 Gram ) Glass Container


Product Specification:

  • 5 grams of flower in a beautiful glass container
  • Mix of White CBG + Delta 8 THC
  • Tangie, Watermelong Zkittlez, and Pink Cookies Profile
  • 5 gram Jar Sealed.? Please note we also vacuum seal all shipments?of flowers for your privacy and discreetness.
  • Lab tested (Potency only)

Available in 3 Terpene/Strain Profiles.


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URB Delta 8 Flower ? TheVapeSupplies Largest Distributor & Supplier Of URB Delta 8 Flower In USA


URB Delta 8 Flower:

URB has released another cutting-edge product. Presenting Lifted Made and Urb Delta 8 CBG Flower. We enjoyed this flower, and Urb went above and beyond in creating a great mix. We love CBD Flower, yet it’s just not suggested to co-mingle too with Delta-8. CBD counteracts the effects of the Delta 8 cannabinoid.

Instead, Urb went for it and made use of the CBG flower. For those that are not conscious, CBG is the mom cannabinoid. Coupling delta-8 with CBG continues to work and enhances the experience. We are thrilled to have delta-8 flower here at Great CBD Store after various demands. As always, we seek to discover the following best legal cannabinoid items in the market.

URB already has quite the following with its scrumptious edible line of chocolates and gummies. URB dab sauces have been excellent enhancements with the cartridges, an all-time preferred cart. They took their time with this item exactly how they made it with the Urb Delta-8 Sauces, and they wanted to make sure they crafted the very best delta-8 flower for you. That is JAM packed with just delta-8 THC distillate and terpenes and good old CBG flower.

Just straight pure plant goodness!

Each lovely jar of the Urb Delta-8 CBG Flower is jam-packed with a concentrated dosage of pure delta-8 distillate.

If you’ve attempted CBD, delta-8 THC supplies various experiences by generating light yet workable intoxicating effects while delivering you the alleviation you’re trying to find.


Available in 3 Terpene/Strain Profiles:


Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 Flower + White CBG Pink Cookies (INDICA).

  • Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 Flower + White CBG? Pink Cookies is a relaxed strain and supplies tangy sweet earth and pepper. Instilled with 95% Delta 8 distillate and Pink Cookies Terpenes. A friend to maintain close-by for a night on the couch or in bed. Due to the fact that those are the very best nights and you deserve them!

Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 Flower + White CBG Watermelon Zkittlez (INDICA).

  • Watermelon Zkittlez will certainly make you desire it wasn?t a flower so you might eat it. An Indica-dominant mix, it tastes just as good as it sounds. With a mouthwatering fruity aroma, it will be difficult to put down. Its impacts might embed in promptly accompanied by a powerful head rush and just kicking back feelings. Watermelon Zkittlez is best used at the end of a long tough day, easily picked your couch.

Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 Flower + White CBG Tangie (HYBRID).

  • Tangie uses a solid sweet flavor evocative tangerines and other citrus fruit. The vape flavor is inspired by the Tangie strain. Often you require a little boost in your mood, Tamgie provides an uplifting analytical high with boosted imagination and ecstasy, plus a concentrated boost of joy.



  • Though we such as the idea and idea of the delta-8 flower, it is most definitely worth considering just how does delta 8 makes it to the flower.
  • Delta 8 flower does not expand normally.
  • In order to get the delta 8 bulk oil or distillate onto the flower, the distillate is normally weakened with a solvent.
  • What we really hope is that the solvent is just some vegetable-grade solvent that is completely safe for human intake.
  • Currently only a few companies are doing complete panel testing on their flower.
  • This flower specifically is not full panel examined. It is lab evaluated for potency, yet there is no recurring solvents panel.
  • Our team believe Urb & Lifted Made produces a really quality product and schedule and believe that this product would be a premium offered product given that their name is on it.


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