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URB Delta 10 Disposable 1+ Gram – Pack Of 10


Product Specification:

  • Get the best temperature, flavor and no clogging to have a great vaping session.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery.
  • Available in four distinctive strain profiles.
  • 420mA battery


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URB Delta 8 Delta 10 Disposable – 1 Gram – Pack Of 10- TheVapeSupplies- Distributor & Wholesaler Of Urb In The U.S.A


URB Delta 10 Disposable – 1 Gram – Pack Of 10:

The brand-new 1+ gram Urb Disposable Vape is a custom device with a 420mA battery and retrofitted with entirely called in and tested airflow to guarantee the most effective temperature level, flavor, as well as no blocking. Each device is outfitted with a recharging port to ensure no squandered oil. The Urb Disposable is the initial to market with very strains and formulas boosting Sativas with Delta 8 and Delta 10, Hyrbids with Delta 8 and CBD, and Indicas with Delta 8 and CBN.


Ekto Kooler Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)
Maui Wowie Sativa (Delta 8 & Delta 10)
Pink Cookies Indica (Delta 8 & CBN)
Afghani Thai Indica (Delta 8 & CBN)
Sour Dream Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)
Urban Tundra Sativa (Delta 8 & Delta 10)
Orange Creamsicle Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)
Blackberry Kush Indica (Delta 8 & CBN)
Lemonade Kush Sativa (Delta 8 & Delta 10)
Double Bubble OG Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)


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