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RAW Parchment Squares ? 5? x 5? Paper

Product Specification:

Brand: RAW
Material: Silicone, Paper
Sheet Count: 100

  • RAWthentic
  • Extra Slick for Both High Heat and Uncooked Sticky Foods
  • 5 Inches by 5 Inches
  • NO Quilon?
  • Vegan Friendly
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RAW Parchment Squares ? 5? x 5? Paper – TheVapeSupplies Distributor & Wholesaler Of? RAW In The USA

Raw currently brings its own line of parchment paper. Raw Parchment Paper is a fantastic way to store and also handle your wax. Unbleached and also raw, Raw Parchment Paper has no quilon, which many various other parchment documents make use of. Plus, it’s secure to make use of with razors and scrapes, as it creates no added material that can blend with and also pollute your wax. RAW Pre-Cut Parchment Squares are reduced from the finest raw, extra-slick, dual-coated parchment paper. The added glossy function is idea for high warm and uncooked sticky foods. Rawthentic parchment is 100% all-natural, natural paper and coated with pure silicone, which is derived from the second most plentiful all-natural planet element, silicon. Silicone is a landfill-safe and also non-toxic if incinerated. Silicone is one of the most effective and also environmentally friendly non-stick surface. RAW Parchment Paper includes none of the non-eco-friendly chemicals that lesser parchment papers make use of. Additionally, this is a windmill powered, total chlorine cost-free, GMO free, vegan friendly item.


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