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Raw 57% Humidifier Packs 8gm | 60 Per Display

Product Specification:

  • Humidity 57%?
  • Long Lasting?
  • Simple
  • Regenerate
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Raw 57% Humidifier Packs 8gm | 60 Per Display –TheVapeSupplies Distributor & Wholesaler Of RAW In The USA

With these RAW humidifying packs you can feel confident that all dampness and also unwanted fluids will certainly be kept out. With these RAW Integra humidifying packs there will certainly be no more hassle or mess like when using distilled water, gels or grains. Appreciate maintenance-free cigar treatment with RAW Integra Humidifying loads

Why Use Humidifying Packs:

Humidifying Packs will certainly turn your dry herb right into not so completely dry natural herb! Its science! Keep your fresh grow scenting like new kept with these RAW Integra Humidors. Excite your herb lovers by whipping out years of ages smoking cigarettes contents just for it to taste as fresh as the day it was drawn from the soil!

How to Use:
Just position the RAW humidifying cram in your humidor and also close the cover, its that easy. RAW Integras accurate moisture control immediately restores and also maintains humiity in any type of type of cigar storage, desktop humidors, closet humidors, traveling humidors, wineadors, coolerdors and tupperdors.


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