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Pay-Pay Double Wide Hemp 25ct Rolling Papers

Product Specification:

Packs in Box: 25
Qty in Pack: 33
Size: 78mm

  • Pay Pay Rolling Papers
  • Slow, Even Burn
  • Sweet Sugar Based Glue
  • Double Wide Size Papers
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Pay-Pay Double Wide Hemp 25ct Rolling Papers –TheVapeSupplies Distributor & Wholesaler Of? RAW In The USA

Pay-Pay is the earliest brand name of rolling paper in the world. It has existed given that 1764 prior to brochures were even invented. It used to be made in huge sheets that cigarette smokers would certainly need to cut up. Pay-Pay papers were originally traded by Spanish sailors for cotton as well as a cigarette in North America (this is the earliest wave ever come across a paper going into the North American market). Pay-Pays packs and also styles have actually transformed a whole lot over the 248 years this brand has been readily available. Up until lately, just a couple of smoking aficionados knew what Pay-Pay was. Nevertheless, Pay-Pay has actually gained an online reputation as a contemporary, top-notch, low-priced paper. The paper is made from pure hemp with sweet sugar glue. Pay-Pay paper likewise is a wonderful value, with a typical cost of only dimes per pack. We have in our workplace old, initial, antique paintings that are Pay-Pay promotions from the turn of the century. They are gorgeous and part of our gallery collection.

Pay-Pay is a premium as well as economically cost paper with a naturally sweet sugar glue. In the past 240 years, the rolling paper has actually improved a whole lot, and Pay-Pay has actually certainly remained ahead of the contour. Try them today and see why Pay-Pay has been a fave of smoking lovers for centuries.


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