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Blunteffects Air Freshener 18CT

Product Specification:

  • Blunteffects 100% Concentrated Air Freshener.
  • weight 1 oz. per bottle.
  • 18 bottles

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Blunteffects Air Freshener 18CT-TheVapeSupplies Largest Distributor & Supplier Of Air Freshener In USA

A fine spray of Blunteffects Air freshener has the power to trigger priceless memories and a multiplicity of emotions that can raise spirits, improve the state of mind, enhance driving experiences and cause a real sensation of satisfaction and happiness.


  • Super Strong Air Fresheners Gets rid of all sorts of scents.
  • You will get Assorted aromas from our 40+ various best scenting scents.
  • Fragrances that you will certainly enjoy. 2-3 Sprays Lasts a Long period.

Note: Do not spray directly on vents. Oil can discolour or harm the material, plastic, timber, plastic, natural leather, painted surface, or any other delicate surface.




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